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I started out a car guy.... I will always be a car guy!!!!

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    Map USA

    Started a company called Map USA. We were a bit ahead of our time with this one. The mapping world was being taken over by google and I didn't have much of a chance. The idea was to take on the real estate market by showing off the area you were looking to live in and see the local businesses in your area. The businesses would have a coupon embedded into the video and the Realtor would be able to track where the client was looking to live. Google Earth & Groupon scaled faster than me. This was a monumental task and I was consumed by the big guys. But I persevered and tweaked it in a new direction....

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    Digital Source Media

    While tweaking Map USA, I researched optical media. This was the latest greatest that we were thinking. CD-ROM business cards with the video of the establishment on the CD. These cards were effective and pretty cool. The price3 point was right and the trade show business loved it. Again, were were starting to boom just as optical drives started to go away. Even today anything under a full size disc can be put in a newer computer. Games, music, & movies are being downloaded from the net, so back to the drawing board.....

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    Vtours USA

    Yes we kept with the real estate market. We were doing great with the Chicagoland market. Working with Realtors and mortgage specialist to earn their business. The tours were different than the other guys. Panoramas were where I wanted to be. We didn't do just a "Slide Show" of stills and call it a virtual tour. We added hot spots so the end user can walk through the home and get a feel before setting up the appointment. Things were looking up. Then the real estate market took a tumble. I was stating to think I should go back into the car business. Read on....

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    360˚ Revo

    As I was thinking of getting back into the auto industry. I was sitting at home drinking my homemade wine. Seeing that car sales, both wholesale and retail were almost 80% online. While in deep thought I caught myself spinning my pen on my counter top. Wow, if I could figure out a way to spin a car and put it to market online.... I need to figure this out. I called Vito and here we are! Kept the name Vtours USA, but was still being called by Realtors. I had given 110% to the spinning or cars and changed the name to 360˚ Revo in 2009. I know that this was going to work!! Not knowing that much about photography (but Vito did) We set out to master this. There was a lot of R&D. Can't tell you how many cameras, lens's, tri-pods and software we went through. Today we shoot over 2,000 vehicles per month. Our process takes 7-10 minutes to shoot a vehicle. We decided not to give-up quality. That was the most important feat to accomplish. Between the two of us, we made a great team and with all of my contacts in the industry we only had one obstacle....scalability. As we were able to be on auto pilot, I went after different markets as well. Golf Courses, Shopping Malls, Restaurants, pretty much "Spin Anything".

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Steve Clarke
  • Steve Clarke


    Steve Clarke, president of the company has been in the Auto Industry since 1987. Right out of high school he started working at Motor Werks in Barrington. He has done everything in the business from a porter to owning his own dealership. He absolutely loves what he does and has a passion for being an entrepreneur. Steve Has a lovely wife Rita and a son Jacob. His hobbies are making homemade wine and the Blackhawks.

  • Vito Di Vita

    General Manager / Problem Solver


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